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Canned pineapple nutritional benefits Oct 24, 2016

Canned pineapple nutritional benefits 

Pineapple rich nutrition, vitamin c content is 5 times of apple. And is rich in pineapple proteinase, can help human body to protein digestion, after eating meat and fat food to eat pineapple is most beneficial. Pineapple fruit meat is rich in fructose, glucose, amino acid, organic acid, protein, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and vitamins and other nutrients. Pineapple has a very good diet health care effect, it contains bromelin can dissolve thrombus of heart attack, prevent the formation of thrombus, greatly reduce the mortality of heart patients. Pineapple contain sugar, salt and enzyme has the effect of diuresis, detumescence, often taking fresh pineapple juice is good for hypertension, can also be used for the treatment of nephritis edema, cough phlegm. In large Numbers in pineapple proteinase and dietary fiber can help human intestines and stomach digestion, and because of its high dietary fiber volume, good adsorption. Can take away the excess fat in the gut and other harmful substances, to prevent, alleviate constipation symptoms has obvious effect.