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The Main Efficacy Of Ketchup Oct 24, 2016

The main efficacy of ketchup

Tomato lycopene has inhibited the growth of the bacteria effect, it is a good antioxidant, can eliminate free radicals in the human body, anti-cancer effect is beta-carotene 2 times;

Medical research found that lycopene have protective effect for some types of cancer, for breast cancer, lung cancer, endometrial cancer has inhibitory effect, also can fight against lung cancer and colon cancer;

Tomato sauce tastes sweet and delicious, can increase appetite, lycopene in fat are more likely to be absorbed by the body;

Especially for arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, nephritis patients edible, physical cold, low blood pressure, hands and feet easy cold, winter edible tomato sauce is better than fresh tomatoes.