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Canned fish nutritional value Oct 21, 2016

Canned fish nutritional value 

Fish is rich in nutrition, not only because of the high protein content, easy to digest, contain B vitamins and calcium, zinc, selenium, iodine and other minerals, but also because the fat is rich in the mi ng 3 fatty acids, to prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel and promote good mental development. However, if the fish is canned, its nutritional value will not change? Fish is rich in protein and various nutrients, low acid, especially easy to breed bacteria, so do canned to under 115-121 ℃ high temperature and high pressure sterilization. Such a high temperature effect on the protein is not big, but will cause the B vitamin a lot of damage. Canned fish, therefore, the content of vitamin B1 can drop to about half that of fresh fish, will further reduce in long-term storage.